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Ibermática regards the area of health as a priority, because we understand that it is an environment with great social significance, in which the application of information technology contributes a special value to the business processes. The benefits generated are essential, not only as regards efficiency but also in more qualitative aspects such as clinical security. This is why we have maintained a significant presence in the sector for many years, which gives us wide experience and knowledge of the sector.

In the field of backup processes (Economic-financial and Human Resources) our activity focuses chiefly on the establishment of SAP, where we have wide experience, above all as far as the public health services are concerned.

In the assistance field we have spent more than 15 years developing and implanting solutions for health centers and professionals. We have more than 40 consultants and specialized technicians, with a deep knowledge of the processes which are carried out in hospitals and the health services. Our offer covers a wide range of products and services, among which we should mention the following:

  • An Integral Hospital information System, whose scope includes all the functionalities necessary for the operation of a hospital, admitting multi-hospital corporate environments. As well as the more conventional modules (G. Patients, Notifications, G. Surgery, Uni-dose, Filing and Documentation, Invoicing), it includes others of high value, such as the Advanced Electronic Prescription.
  • An Integral Environment for the clinic professional (Indigo). As a result of the wide experience in the implantation of clinical stations and the collaboration of doctors and nurses, a system has been designed which goes beyond that existing on the market until now. Doctors have a tool perfectly adapted to their needs, allowing them to approach the patient with 360º vision.
  • Clinical Security in the Surgical Block (KIRUS). A comprehensive solution for the surgical process, focused on guaranteeing clinical security by incorporating advanced technologies such as identification by radio frequency, voice recognition and the monitoring of surgical protocols in the operating room in real time.
  • Other innovative solutions:
    • Automatic codification of diagnoses (KODIFIKA). The doctor registers the diagnostic impression in natural language and the system translates it directly into codes CIE9 and CIE10.
    • Obstetric process. Complete monitoring of the pregnancy process (pregnancy handbook) and the birth. Security by RFID for mother and baby.
    • Decision-making applying Medicine based on evidence.
    • Complex analysis of large volumes of information, including semantic techniques.

Ibermática proyecta su experiencia acumulada para configurarse como uno de los agentes principales, nuestra solución contempla la tecnología y los servicios personalizados y centrados en las personas desde la monitorización en el domicilio hasta la atención a distancia (en movilidad), con una visión integrada de los sistemas de información

Ibermática’s vocation to remain at the forefront of information technology in the sanitary field leads us to take an active role in the new health care models which are being configured. We are going through a transformation from reactive and on-site assistance to a scenario of pro-activity, in which interaction with the patient is carried out by multiple means and special interest is paid to the collective of chronic patients.

In this new health care model setting, characterized by the extensive use of technology, we can observe a fundamental tendency, consisting of the convergence between sanitary and socio-sanitary care as a means of improving the efficiency of the system and, therefore, its very sustainability. This takes on special importance with regard to the demographic evolution of the aging of the population.

Ibermática offers advanced solutions in this new model which go beyond the products which we might call first generation (Tele-medicine, Tele-Monitoring, Tele-Consultancy, Tele-Assistance, etc.), providing an integral model of integrated services. These solutions cover the full cycle, from the patient to the (socio) sanitary professional. They are characterized by the incorporation of innovative elements oriented towards key points, such as acceptance by users and integration with the existing systems.

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