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Ibermática is a company specializing in the design, development and maintenance of accessible systems with more than 10 years of experience in the accessibility sector. Throughout these years it has achieved a very high level of knowledge which has allowed it not only to have the capacity to carry out audits of web environment accessibility, but also to carry out projects in multiple technological environments (natural, visual environments, web, etc.) and on multiple platforms (desktop, mobility, etc.). Moreover, during these years it has collaborated with third parties to adapt ERP and CRM products, etc.

Another differentiating factor which makes us leaders in this sector is our capacity to design information systems under the criteria of universal design, not only as far as software is concerned. In our case, we also plan and execute projects which include platforms in which a person can use any computer, whatever his form of access to the information. This universal vision of access to information in the corporate use of a system is unique among IT service companies.

Finally, as a result of this wide experience, our quality units know the implications that accessibility has and know how to apply them in the normalization of the relations with our clients, having established, as of today, unique standards and procedures in the IT Sector.

Ibermática dispone de más de 100 técnicos altamente especializados en accesibilidad repartidos por España

The services which Ibermática can provide in this area are:

  • Systems technique and technical backup:
    • Integration with the SS.OO. (system guidelines, policies, etc.).
    • Integration with the adaptations.
    • Integration with commercial software and its own developments.
  • Development in accessible corporate environments:
    • Visual distributed environments oriented towards events (VB, Delphi, VC++, etc.).
    • Terminal emulation environments (IBM 3270 y UNIX).
    • Development of accessible corporate web environments with wide experience and thousands of users:
      • Microsoft ActiveX
      • JAVA environments.
      • Cold Fussion.
      • SAP.
  • Specialized user assistance, CAU.
  • Quality. Standardization of processes.
  • Accessibility consultancy.

Within this area of knowledge, one outstanding case of success is the integral outsourcing which is carried out for ONCE, the ONCE Foundation and the ONCE Corporation since 2001. In it there is a CPD with 300 specialized professionals, more than 50 backup technicians distributed throughout Spain, a platform of 6000 client teams prepared to be used without distinction if the user is disabled and more than 300 applications accessible in multiple environments.


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