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Artificial intelligence

By means of this line of business, Ibermática offers its clients simple and fast solutions to problems which are traditionally very complex to resolve by more classical methods of programming. It specializes in aspects of supervised and non-supervised learning systems, data mining, intelligent analysis of classification and prediction, evolutionary programming, expert systems, diffuse logic and semantic technologies (Ontologies and Linked Data).

In the Department of Intelligent Management and Control Systems we believe in the paradigm of “the data must seek the user” in the management of systems which helps experts in the task of analyzing only the information which is really necessary, in the extraction of knowledge in an intelligent and contextualized way, in constant support for the processes of real-time analysis and in the use of the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Semantics. There exists a greater and greater volume of sensitive information, more disperse and less structured, which must be understood and assimilated by the agents of business knowledge in order to make better decisions in the least possible time. We have sufficiently powerful automatic tools for processing, extraction, understanding and learning to meet these needs.

Ibermática ofrece a sus clientes soluciones sencillas y rápidas a problemas tradicionalmente muy complejos de resolver por métodos de programación más clásicos. Está especializada en sus vertientes de sistemas de aprendizaje supervisados y no supervisados, minería de datos, análisis inteligente de clasificación y predicción, programación evolutiva, sistemas expertos, lógica difusa y tecnologías semánticas (Ontologías y Linked Data).

In this way, we research, develop, implant and offer solutions in the fields of automating and extracting the relevant knowledge in an automatic manner from all the information contained in different formats: multimedia channels, voice, sound, text-free, structured and non-structured data sources, our own and external, in order to give personalized, transparent and simple solutions for the management of real-time decisions.

For this reason, we are experts in processes for data mining, text mining, dynamic and autonomous expert systems, distributed processes, segmentation, the optimization of processes by evolutionary means, automatic learning, classification, the detection of anomalies and prediction, as well as interaction based on natural language, identification and visual monitoring and human-machine interaction.

“Knowledge is not memorizing data, but rather relating it” Soledad Puértolas

“We know that what constitutes Science is not an accumulation of data, not even information in the strictest sense... we know that each item of data makes sense only within the context of a theory which rebinds and predicts facts, in the best sense of the word, it invents them” Antonio Pérez García (“The pedagogical obstacle in Social Sciences”, En Relaciones 25. Montevideo, june 1986)

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