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Business Intelligence - BI

Business Intelligence (BI) consists of a set of methodologies, applications and technologies which allow us to gather, purify and transform the multitude of data of transactional systems and de-structured information (internal and external to the organization) into structured information, for its direct use (reporting, OLAP analysis, etc.) or for its analysis and conversion into backup knowledge for decision-making regarding the business.

These applications respond to the need to transform the large volumes of data into knowledge and to have homogenized and structured information allowing us to carry out comparative, historical evolutions and interactive analyses with the suitable frequency. Currently, technology also allows us to have the data online, to analyze de-structured data, to carry out projections and powerful simulations, to analyze tendencies and to make early decisions. We can access BI tools from mobile devices and have the data in the “cloud” in Cloud Computing format.

Ibermática, as a business involved in research and development and with significant commitment to the field of Business Intelligence for over 12 years, is developing and implanting solutions together with its clients which focus on these 5 axes (data in memory, analysis of de-structured data, simulations and projections, mobility and cloud). This, along with our global support for Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Mobility, situates us as one of the best positioned companies in these solutions. Having consolidated knowledge not only of BI but of the related and future technologies allows us to have innovative solutions which contribute great value to our clients.

Business Intelligence (BI) se compone de un conjunto de metodologías, aplicaciones y tecnologías que permiten reunir, depurar y transformar la multitud datos de los sistemas transaccionales e información desestructurada (interna y externa a la organización) en información estructurada, para su explotación directa (reporting, análisis OLAP...) o para su análisis y conversión en conocimiento soporte a la toma de decisiones sobre el negocio.

We carry out projects with the large software companies (SAP BI BO, IBM Cognos, Oracle Business Intelligence, Microstrategy, Microsoft, Qlikview and Information Builders) and we are a prominent partner of SAP BI BO, Cognos-IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAS.

Ibermática succeeded some years ago in its strategy of supporting BI tools and the development of innovative solutions, which has situated us at present as a company which provides solutions of a global and integrated nature, with wide experience and a capacity of prescription. Our specialization allows us to agglutinate the knowledge of technology, the needs of the clients and our experience in the development of solutions for companies of various kinds and sectors. A full cycle is thereby completed, from the consultancy phase and the selection of the most suitable tool to the implantation and design of innovative solutions: consultancy and design of control panels, design and construction of Datawarehouse, multidimensional analysis, datamining, planning, financial forecasts and consolidation and an integral control panel.

Ibermática’s experience in this field covers all the sectors and tools. We should highlight large transformation projects in the Public Administration (Regional Government of Castile and León, Alava Provincial Council, the Civil Guard, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Bilbao City Hall), Health (Murcia Health Service, the Basque Health Service, Castile and Leon Health service), Telecommunications (Telefónica), Transport (ADIF, Euskotren, ETS, FEVE), Distribution (Tous) and Industry (Fagor Industrial and Fagor Electrónica, Kaiku, Mercedes Benz)


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