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Process management - BPM

“...a methodology aimed at increasing the efficiency and efficacy of organizations by means of optimum management of the business processes”

We must understand that BPM is a philosophy which involves a business cultural exchange, supported by technological solutions which help us to produce and handle this change. Process management should not be understood within a single technological context.

The direct benefits which our clients obtain when entering process management with Ibermática are:

  • Increase in the visibility of the business processes.
  • Increase in efficiency and efficacy in the management of business processes.
  • Increase in the productivity and quality of the services offered by our clients.
  • Greater flexibility and agility for adaptation to change.
  • Acquiring of a methodology for continuous improvement.
  • A reduction in future integration and maintenance costs.

What level of BPM maturity exists in your organization?

Ibermática, as the leading supplier of IT solutions, especially in the field of process management, offers its clients a wide range of services and solutions which allow them to meet their needs:

  • Consultancy services
    • Organizational diagnosis services. Services for the assessment of the current situation of the organization with respect to the degree of maturity of the management of processes and the analysis of the organizational model, with the purpose of determining the most suitable structures and model for the attainment of the strategic objectives.
    • Analysis services and optimization/reengineering of processes. Services to improve business processes by means of the exhaustive analysis of the client’s business processes and the reengineering of processes.
    • Process modelling services. This represents the best way of carrying out the establishment of requirements and documentation, giving visibility to the processes. Ibermática can help in the design, shaping and generation of all the associated documentation.
    • Consultancy services and selection of IT solutions. Specific consultancy for the establishment of the technological platform which best adapts to the needs of our clients.
    • Backup services for the technological implantation. Supported by the personnel of our BPM Competence Centre, we contribute all our experience and specialized personnel to the implantation of projects in this field.
  • Added value services
    • Process Factory Service. A service dealing with the continuous development of the client’s processes and their continuous improvement, by means of the application of methodologies adapted to each client (Seis Sigma...)
    • Services of the Process Excellence Centre. Support services specialized in the analysis and design phases of the projects covered by our clients. Definition of road maps, strategies and best practices to reach a suitable level of excellence in the management of our clients’ processes. We also have services which help our clients to obtain and endow their systems with the Intelligence Processes (IP) necessary to make the investment profitable and generate a continuous improvement in their management.
    • Training and communication services. Designs and execution of training and communication plans to deal with the management of the change caused by the implantation of these types of systems, modifying the perspective in the business operations of our clients.

Ibermática, as the leading supplier of IT solutions, especially in the field of process management, offers its clients a wide range of services and solutions which allow them to meet their needs

These services are reinforced by our strategic alliances with the most prestigious technological suppliers on the market: Oracle (BPM Suite) and Vdoc.

And the collaborative relationships with: IBM (Lombardi) and Intalio.


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