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We become one with you

We have confirmed, in part, and without really trying as it’s simply our way of doing business, that proximity, warmth, and naturalness are essential to knowing someone and thus discovering their true concerns. We consider this knowledge to be vital to achieving our goals, and it inspires us always to give our best.
In fact, we believe that the moment is coming to overcome impersonal formulas of the style of “we are a great technological partner that you can trust.” Above all, we are people who want to understand you, act with closeness, clarity, empathy, experience, that when we are with you, or we do something for you, you are more than a client. In fact, right now, in some way, we are one with you.


Ir a ibermaticadigital.com: Servicio Extremeño de Salud (ventana nueva)

Servicio Extremeño de Salud

19 March, 2019

Centro de Salud Online (Transformación del proceso de prestación asistencial)

Ir a ibermaticadigital.com: Osakidetza (Servicio Vasco de Salud) (ventana nueva)

Osakidetza (Servicio Vasco de Salud)

18 March, 2019

Gestor integral de programas

Ir a EJIE (Sociedad Informática del Gobierno Vasco)

EJIE (Sociedad Informática del Gobierno Vasco)

21 September, 2018

Proyecto BATERA

We feel very comfortable with Ibermática, not only for its transparency and flexibility but also for its experience and management skills.Teresa Ventosa
Socia Directora, Accude TI

Shall we connect?

Well-applied technology usually makes things easier. If you suspect that it may also be of help to you, give us the opportunity to meet you and show you how far you can go.



Join us

It is gratifying to see how our work, supported by technology, helps people and organizations overcome challenges and achieve goals.
If you also want to contribute to these changes and experience this special feeling, come and grow with us!


Ir a Ibermática crea el juego online ‘Conectados’ para que los adolescentes aprend...

Ibermática crea el juego online ‘Conectados’ para que los adolescentes aprendan a navegar de forma segura

13 November, 2019

Ibermática ha desarrollado el juego online ‘Conectados’, una iniciativa impulsada por la Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción, en colaboración ...

Ir a Industria 4.0, avanzar o desaparecer

Industria 4.0, avanzar o desaparecer

11 November, 2019

Hay algo hipnotizante en el ritmo de las cadenas de montaje automatizadas tal y como las conocemos pero, en un ...

Ir a ALDESA confía en Ibermática para migrar a SAP HANA y avanzar en su digitaliza...

ALDESA confía en Ibermática para migrar a SAP HANA y avanzar en su digitalización

7 November, 2019

ALDESA, referente de innovación y calidad en la construcción, da un paso más en su estrategia de digitalización al migrar ...