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Group companies

i3B (Instituto Ibermática de Innovación) an Ayesa company

We develop a firm commitment to innovation as a fundamental competitive advantage in the growth of any business project. With this commitment, in 2005 we created the Ibermática Institute of Innovation (i3B), a research center that directs the application of improved models with the aim of providing the market with innovative solutions based on the use of Information Technologies.

Ibermática Social an Ayesa company

Ibermática Social is a Special Employment Center, created in 2007, which constitutes a pioneering initiative in Information and Communication Technologies. It is aimed at the social integration of people with different abilities, based on their incorporation into the labor market.

Ibermática/digital an Ayesa company

In our strong commitment to making the digital future of organizations a reality, we created Ibermática/digital in 2016. Our value consists of assuming as our own the development of the transformation process of our clients, with a proven technological and methodological approach that impacts your organization at a strategic level. In Ibermática/digital we have perfected the value of our contribution from the technological solidity and expertise, which enables us to have the ability to collaborate in the transformation of the organization in order to obtain a strategic impact.

El Arte de Medir an Ayesa company

Expert in converting data into knowledge, it offers Data Analysis services, with a methodology that achieves such precision in the information that it determines the path to follow to optimize the business, thanks to its control of all the analytical tools that exist in the market. It also provides Data Science services, to take advantage of large volumes of data by applying the type of analysis/model/algorithm that is needed at all times to be able to make sound decisions.

ITS an Ayesa company

ITS specializes in automated preventive protection against all types of cyber-attacks. Besides having a multitude of clients in sectors such as Public Administrations, Health, Energy and Utilities, Transport, Industry 4.0, Smartcities and ICT in general, it is also a member of Cybasque, the association of Basque cybersecurity companies. It holds the official Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) accreditation, granted by Carnegie-Mellon University since 1988 to operations centers around the world specialized in Internet security incident response. It is also a full member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), the leading international forum of Incident Response Teams, to which access is very limited, with only 500 members from around a hundred countries. It has also been accepted as an official member of CSIRT.es, the main national cybersecurity forum, as well as in the main European cybersecurity forum, TF-CSIRT – Trusted Introducer, in which the most prominent CERTs on the continent collaborate, innovate and share information, and of which it is an accredited member.

IDS Industrial an Ayesa company

IDS Industrial has more than 25 years of experience in the design and development of turnkey projects in areas such as industrial process automation, technological renovation of processes, regulation and control systems, industrial communication and industrial software. It is also the manufacturer of the MES enntte software, designed to create the intelligent plant: with specialized modules for warehouse optimization, internal logistics, production, quality, maintenance and traceability. It is one of the few companies that can offer a comprehensive solution as part of the company’s complete digitalization strategy, from level 3 (MES Solution) to level 0 (field elements).

Sqédio an Ayesa company

Sqédio is the largest supplier in Portugal of systems and software for engineering and product development. The solutions offered by Sqédio include products dedicated to mechanical design, finite element analysis, machining, complex modeling, board work and information management.

Tecnet an Ayesa company

The leader in the integration of systems for automation, control and communications of business processes. This company works for large regional and global players in the development of major projects in industry, utilities and services. Designs custom-made and innovative solutions to optimally and specifically cover the client’s needs. The offer stands out for its great diversity and its high level of flexibility, in addition to the reliability and creativity of the projects. It develops all stages of its technological projects in Latin America, North America and Europe.

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