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We offer solutions that, supported by the latest technology, respond to the challenges of the outpatient, hospital and socio-health areas, without forgetting the prevention and self-management of health.


The management of health clinics reaches the future

INFO33+ is the management tool that enables a new model of clinical care while ensuring optimal management, integrating the requirements of the professional and the needs of the patient in a single platform.

We have developed this solution in a way that can respond to a wide range of organizations, from a particular consultation of a professional, to a private organization that manages different external consultations and services. INFO33+ offers a comprehensive and shared view of the clinical history throughout the healthcare process, and also includes prevention and self-management processes through health programs.

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The definitive solution to manage the well-being of our elders

Life expectancy has increased at the same time as the birth rate has fallen: society ages. This reality highlights the importance of care institutions. The challenge: to offer exemplary attention while at the same time professional and impeccable management.

SIGECA is the solution that, in collaboration with multiple professional profiles of Fundación Matía, a leading organization in this field, we have developed to respond to these needs.

SIGECA responds to the Third Generation Management System model and adapts to the person-centered service model (being able to support other models). It has a series of specific evaluation and management modules depending on the particularities of each user, their location and the model of care followed.

In addition, the focus of the solution is aimed at improving the TCO of this type of investment by offering it in Service Mode from our own infrastructure in the cloud, IberCloud, so the requirements for a care organization are summarized in the work position and access to the network.

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The simplest and most effective way to code diagnoses and procedures



KODIFIKA is an innovative, pioneering and intelligent support tool specifically aimed at professionals who must assign the standard coding of diseases and procedures in all healthcare areas. Its objective is to facilitate the identification of the code associated with a literal expression in natural language written by physicians. Its use results in an improvement in the effectiveness, as well as in the availability, for the managing bodies, of complete, reliable information and adjusted to diagnoses and treatments carried out.

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The intelligent help solution for optimal triage

Based on homogeneous, scientific and coherent criteria, it is an innovative smart help tool that, through a very intuitive interface, facilitates the triage of patients for the nursing staff of an emergency service.

  • Sequential screens that guide them in the valuation process.
  • Assignment of levels of severity by colors until the definitive identification of the level of urgency.
  • ABC rating of the patient.
  • Very intuitive system for the systematic assessment of pain, which is customized according to the patient’s age.
  • It adjusts the patient’s level of urgency based on age, the constants and the degree of pain identified.
  • Summary of the assessment of the triage, once finalized, which facilitates the subsequent diagnostic and therapeutic assessment.
  • Integration with other health management systems.


Basic stages in a triage process

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