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Technology Centers

The importance of R&D&i is growing internationally, having a measurable impact on economic indicators. Not less important is the efficient management of the technology and research centers themselves, whose special characteristics require, for example, a particularly precise project management. Given these premises, we detail below the solutions that we make available to you, based on our solid knowledge of the nature of these entities, as well as their operational and functional requirements.

Technology Centers

Generic image on the theme of TECHNOLOGICAL CENTERS as decoration. It shows a researcher at work.

Technology Centers

Generic image on the theme of TECHNOLOGICAL CENTERS as decoration. It shows a researcher at work.

Advanced Project Management (IB Project)

IB Project, a solution with which it is possible to manage projects in a complete and integrated way and obtain the following advantages:

  • Multi-client projects with joint or individualized follow-up.
  • Improved resource load control.
  • Financing and subsidies control.
  • Reversion concept. Projects whose consumption and/or income have an impact on others.
  • Improved control of progress and baseline, unproductive tasks and projects with deviations.
  • Accessibility. Portal for the allocation of job orders, expenses and project follow-up.
  • Documentary check and follow-up.
  • Control of tasks and actions by responsible (inbox).
  • Differentiation of closings (technical, documentary and economic).
  • Specific analysis and reporting.

DataCenter and Cloud Services

Definition of processes, policies, organizational structures and use of tools that allow to manage, monitor and control the different services, current and future, thus ensuring that the entity’s expenses related to the infrastructure that supports the business promote data integrity, foster innovation and mitigate the risk of data loss or non-compliance with regulations.

Hardware and Software Procurement

Considering servers, laptops, communications, PDAs, licenses… and any other needs that may arise.

Creation of projects and technology labs

Ensuring the visibility and management of real operating centers accompanying customer’s projects.


Accompanying national and international research and development projects.

We offer digital solutions that help service companies operate more efficiently and compete effectively in the new digital economy.


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