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Universities / Education

In the academic field, there are two major areas of action. On the one hand, we have everything related to the management of the institutions themselves, and on the other, the changes in social habits that make students demand a growing range of services and means of digital communication with the university.

Universities / Education

Generic image on the theme of UNIVERSITIES / EDUCATION for decorative purposes. It shows a young boy working on a laptop.

Universities / Education

Generic image on the theme of UNIVERSITIES / EDUCATION for decorative purposes. It shows a young boy working on a laptop.

University Management

Our offer covers all the management activities of a university, being GAUR its version for presential training universities and GAT for virtual training universities. Its main features are:

  • Management of all phases of the students’ university life.
  • Simultaneous management of different study plans, facilitating the access of the departments to the Academic Management system.
  • Response to any data demand required by the system user.
  • Simplification of administrative tasks and decentralization of data capture.
  • Centralization of storage and process control.
  • Integration of internal and external relations.
  • Making Academic Management available to users on the network.

In short, complete, modular and parameterizable solutions that we implement on demand and guarantee their maintenance and evolution. They have a three-tier architecture (or layers) that offers maximum reliability, performance and scalability for client/server applications and web environments, which can be applied in different configurations:

  • Web server. Component dedicated exclusively to serving http requests.
  • Application server. Component in charge of executing processes and where the business logic resides (also data server).
  • Server to which the data service corresponds to the application server when necessary.


In addition to equipping themselves with technological resources, universities must make more far-reaching changes (structure, working methods, internal culture, etc.). We incorporate the tools to guide their activity in a new direction:

  • Re-engineering of procedures, to adapt to new requirements and homogenization of services.
  • Definition of basic processing model for administrative procedures.
  • Definition of management models, with service quality criteria and indicators.
  • Multichannel access for students and faculty, both to processing and management as well as to general information.
  • Interoperability between institutions for the exchange of academic data.
  • Non-physical security elements and identity verification.
  • Communication and exchange spaces for faculty/students, alumni, stakeholders and universities.
  • Digital empowerment of faculty, aligned with the latest ICT trends, enabling advanced training, creative use of technology and digital resources.
  • Blockchain technology: chainTalent
  • Cybersecurity, given that the absence of security policies make universities vulnerable to threats (phishing, unsecured BYOD…).
  • Advanced data analysis with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, great allies for decision making for strategic university development, personalization of educational offering, etc.
  • Digital Learning, Digital Contents and Collaborative Learning, new learning models that facilitate mobility, collaboration, interaction and even the adaptation of training content to the changing needs of students:
    • Learning Office: Learning Management Systems, eLearning (Moodle…).
    • Online presence, intranets, extranet, collaborative environments (Liferay, Drupal, Office365…)
    • Training contents from virtual clones (Vimago).
    • Documentation generation (iberDok).
  • Virtual exams: end-to-end consultancy for exam virtualization (calendars, statements, scheduling, monitoring of problems during the exam, correction, etc.). Also specialized tools in facial recognition, biometrics, etc.
  • Digital Workplace and Home Office (Flex Workplace).
  • Digital Marketing: Universities face a global market, with oversupply and a high level of competition, where CRM and Marketing model concepts appear for the recruitment and digital management of the student life cycle: Customer Experience, Chatbots, Omnichannel Digital Experience.
  • Academic and Administrative Management: integral services of development and maintenance of business applications on site, near shore (including mobile applications, SW and Infrastructure) integrating with continuous improvement and innovation components and applying Agile + DevOps deployment models. ERP management (SAP, MS Dynamics…).
  • People First – User Service and Support Centers: management and coordination of IT assistance actions for students, teachers and administrative staff. Remote or on-site support. The power of Automation and Robotization of Customer Service processes.
  • DataCenter and Cloud Services: definition of processes, policies, organizational structures and use of tools to manage, monitor and control the different current and future services, thus ensuring that the entity’s expenses related to the infrastructure that supports the business promotes data integrity, foster innovation and mitigate the risk of data loss or non-compliance with regulations (2 CPDs, AWS, Azure, Ibercloud, Google…).
  • Hardware and Software Provisions:
    • Computing solutions, networks, storage, backup solutions.
    • Transformation of the workplace: laptops, PDAs, networks, antivirus software, cloud-based tools, licenses, office automation and productivity solutions in the cloud, services associated with the supply.
    • Workplace virtualization and centralization solutions.

We offer digital solutions that help service companies operate more efficiently and compete effectively in the new digital economy.


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