Foco en la digitalización y los nuevos retos

The offer is structured around vertical areas and horizontal areas. The first group includes solutions in the areas of assets, liabilities, payment means, services, markets, private banking, foreign trade, and specialized financing.

In the horizontal areas, our competences are focused on SOA architectures and multi-channel platforms (home banking on-line), risk management, international accounting standards, business intelligence solutions, back-office process management, credit risk transaction management, general services management and fee management.

The offer is completed with technological solutions and services, ranging from integral outsourcing, through the application maintenance and the outsourcing of infrastructure services, to user services, always under Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee the quality of the service provided.

In addition, we have incorporated a whole set of specific capabilities in transforming technologies that we have brought together under the name of Digital Banking & Insurance.



Thanks to our history, experience and objectives, Ibermática has the necessary capacities to act as a trusted companion in this stage of concentration of the Financial Institutions and a technological ally as a provider of integral management of the service.

We offer consulting services prior to mergers, and strategic consulting of the transition stages.

Already in the transition stage, we offer all the services that the project may require: general project management, management and execution of software projects in all functional areas, infrastructure projects, technical office, change management.

In the post-transition phase, we offer consulting services to evaluate the results, define the new IT governance model or plan process reengineering.

In the new stage that opens up after the integration, Ibermática offers the most advanced ANS maintenance and software development services, systems exploitation in its CPDs or in those of the client, and integral IT management. Our services address all emerging technologies, making it a potential technological ally for the short, medium and long term.


The growing demand from customers, the higher cost pressure, the progressive concentration processes and the new regulatory requirements are serious challenges for the industry today. To maintain competitiveness and take advantage of growth opportunities, insurance companies must increase their efficiency by reducing costs and increasing productivity. They also have the obligation to develop innovative and personalized products and to develop new distribution channels.

For this, ICT plays a key role, since these technologies support the intelligent management of information and networks, as well as customer-centered personalization, standardization and efficient automation of business processes. At Ibermática, as an expert in the industry with 40 years of experience, we understand the problems and developments in the insurance sector. With our broad portfolio of consulting services, implementation services and intelligent IT solutions, we help insurers and reinsurers to act in a cost-effective, fast, flexible and sustainable manner.

Our range of services:

  • Professional business consulting services based on a solid analysis of strategically relevant issues, such as business intelligence, business process management, sales and risk management.
  • Implementation services, which include services for systems, applications and processes, as well as specific solution services.
  • Product design, development and integration services based on solutions for insurers and reinsurers that cover all branches and the value chain with which they can adapt flexibly to changing needs.

Digitization, new actors… we are a reliable ally to help overcome the challenges that arise today.


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