BPS – Business Processes

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A “special” form of outsourcing is one in which a client entrusts us with a business process management (Business Process Services, BPS), not necessarily linked to the field of technology, for efficient management, integrating into a BPS Service Factory or creating one as desired.

We call our model I-BPS, characterized as high availability, predictable behavior, broad catalog of services, consistent quality, efficiency, competitive prices and the separation between production and delivery.

BPO - Procesos de negocio

BPS service factory

BPO - Procesos de negocio

Infografía que muestra el catálogo de servicios BPS. Comienza por la parte superior con un cuadro que muestra los distintos servicios ofrecidos: Atención integral centros, Atención ciudadanía, Movilidad, Financiero, Telcos, Broker Paquetería.

En el siguiente módulo, abajo, se muestra los apartados Estructura organizativa, Reingeniería de procesos, Diseño y construcción; y Suite de herramientas.

Una vez seleccionado el servicio pertinente, se pasaría a dos modelos: Service Factory BPS (Estendarizado, Centralizado, Focalizado, Regulado e Industrializado) o Custom BPS (Ajustado, Único y A medida).

BPS service factory

The factoring strategy provides multiple advantages that are also applicable in BPS initiatives. In this way, after industrializing the functions of Front and Back Office, we are able to incorporate vertical BPSs with extreme agility.

I-BPS service catalog

The high vertical knowledge acquired has allowed us to package a whole catalog of BPS services. On top of this we added a layer of tools and procedures that give us the possibility of offering closed service solutions.

Logic and simplicity are the keys to ensuring success in business processes.


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